FN1127E-Hochiki Fire Alarm Center 1 loop 127 addresses

  • Hochiki FN1127E addressable fire alarm center 1 loop- 127 addresses.
    Expandable to 2 loops by adding an expansion card
    Can connect to the network to expand the system
    LCD display 8 lines , 40 characters 1 line .
    Sensitivity setting for each detector
    Sensitivity setting for day and night .
    The line can be constructed in the form of a loop or a branch circuit.
    The line for the device can be used with normal wire, no need for shielded wires or twisted cables
    Connecting 64 hubs together (adding a network card).
    Connected to 15 sub displays .
    2 outputs 1.6A for the fire alarm horn.
    3 relay outputs.
    UL, FM . standards