FC186x–Fire alarm center 2-4-6-8 loop 504-2016 address

  • FC1861: Addressable fire alarm center siemens 2 loop, 504 addresses.
    FC1862: Fire alarm center address siemens 4 loop, 1008 address.
    FC1863: Fire alarm center address siemens 6 loop, 1512 addresses.
    All siemens FC186x addressable fire alarm panels are addressable to 2016 addresses.
    LCD screen is 320 x 240 pixels wide.
    Save 10,000 events.
    Maximum length of each loop is 2500m.
    It is possible to connect the loop in the form of a loop or a branch circuit. On a loop, a branch circuit can be connected.
    Built-in event printer.
    Integrated 8-way control panel.
    Addressing devices get their own address by device ID number
    Supports connection of 32 LCD sub-panels
    Up to 16 hubs can be connected together without any additional hardware